29-30 May 2024 Rouen (France)

PTMBact 2024

5th International Conference on

Post-Translational Modifications in Bacteria




Following the successful meetings in Göttingen (2014), Lyon (2016), Tübingen (2018), and Copenhagen (2022), the 5th edition of the international meeting dedicated to post-translational modifications (PTMs) in bacteria will be held on the 29th and 30th of May 2024, in Rouen, France.

The meeting topics will cover all known bacterial PTMs, including protein phosphorylation, acetylation, glycosylation, pupylation, RiPP, targeted degradation and other modifications, as well as the methods used to study them.


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The best oral presentation and poster presentation from a young scientist (PhD/PostDoc) will be awarded.

The peer-reviewed journal Pathogens will sponsor the award for the best oral presentation. 


Special issue

A special issue in the journal Pathogens entitled "Post-translational Modifications, a Powerful Mechanism for Bacterial Life and Survival" is welcoming the submission of manuscript from the conference's participants. More information are provided on the special issue website.


Scientific Committee

Julie Hardouin (Rouen)
Ivan Mijakovic (Gothenburg & Copenhagen)
Boris Macek (Tübingen)
Christophe Grangeasse (Lyon)
Karl Forchhammer (Tübingen)
Carsten Jers (Copenhagen)
Eilika Weber-Ban (Zurich)


Local Organizing Committee

Julie Hardouin
Nicolas Nalpas
Hugues Aroux
Gisèle Duvalet
Emmanuelle Dé
Thierry Jouenne

with the help of:
Lisa Bremard
Solenn Soulignac

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